January 14, 2008

Excitement Addict

Rose Mary Walls describes herself as an excitement addict for the first time on page 93. Throughout the novel we hear this phrase from Rose Mary at the most disturbing times. How is her excitement addiction comparable to the drinking of Rex in the devastation it causes and the disappointment in the kids? For me I didn't like the mom more than i disliked the dad because of her excitement addiction and so I was wondering if anyone else had the same observation or if they disagree.


Lacey Hoffman said...

I agree! I was so shocked when I read that scene of them in the car. Isn't it the duty of a parent to sacrifice some of those impulses for the good of her children?

I thought it was interesting that she used the word addict. Are we really supposed to see her mother's addiction to excitement as a sickness in the same way we see her father's alcoholism as a sickness?

On the other hand, I think it's easy to blame Rose Mary more than Rex because culturally, we expect mothers to be more nurturing and caring. Often, we don't get that from either parent, but I wonder if we're harder on Rose Marie because she's a woman.

Amanda Burgess said...

I think we are harder on her because she is a woman, and I agree with what you said lacey. I think both parents were plauged with their own hardships, and neither really dealt with them in a healthy way. I did think it was interesting that they were both addicts though as a result of their own personal issues. Do you think that all addicts are such because of their own undealt with issues? or rather some people simply can't control themselves?

michael lipkowitz said...

I think it's just the fact that they both have delusions of grandeur and their children suffer because of it that makes them bad parents. Obviously most are charged before approaching the book that alcoholism would be worse, but if you take that bias away I'd agree with your theory that neither is worse than the other.